Monday, April 16, 2007


So, today was my last day of classes for the semester! I think I am going to fail all my classes, but at least they are over! And I probably won't fail, that's an overexaggeration, but I know I am not going to do as well as possible... And I am stressed and tired! But I just got back from an awesome weekend of lacrosse in Denver, Colorado. We played four games and won them all! This next weekend we head out to Colorado again, and we are going to play a couple of really good teams, including a rematch with Colorado State, who we lost to two weekends ago. We are a very good team when we are playing together, it is just a matter of playing to our potential!

Guinevere and Clark and Ben are just as cute as ever... I wish I could go home with Guinevere for Hannah and Evan's little baby girl, Lena's blessing, but I am unfortunately swamped with finals all of next weekend! And I am in Denver again!

Greetings to all! Hope all is well! Hope you had a good weekend and your lives are much less stressful, but equally as rewarding as mine!