Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Graduate School Acceptance!!

I got into the University of Utah and the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA! Where do you all think I should go?

Life has been so much fun lately! I have been seeing all of the rewards of my hard work in the graduate school admissions process coming together in a most enjoyable fashion! I had such a great time in Boston over this last weekend and I was able to see quite a bit of the city, while spending some time with Diane and Jacob Child. We saw a few museums, ate some fantastic food, and saw two symphony concerts! Mozart's requiem was absolutely incredible, as well as the Sibelius and Shostakovich concert that we went to on Saturday evening. Shostakovich was a very emotional concert, as the symphony performed was written to express some of the turmoil Shostakovich felt during his life as a Russian citizen in the early 1900s. He did not have the symphony released while he was alive in fear that he would be killed for such a publicly visible artistic expression. Very interesting! It wasn't the most enjoyable, but it was definitely moving!

I made a friend from Beijing, China on Monday morning! He was also taking the water shuttle from Long Wharf to Boston Proper and I had the opportunity to speak with him a bit. He is majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Beijing and he came to the US to participate in a model United Nations at Harvard University. His English was very good and he is planning on coming to the United States for graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University in the Fall. He also hit on me, he said I was a very beautiful lady, he gave me his card, and asked that I email him to maintain contact! I am not sure if I will, but it was a nice compliment!

The next couple of days will be stressful as I figure out where I want to go to school and live for the next three years, at least! I also have to dive back into my schoolwork to make sure that I do not get behind too much!

Hope everyone is well! Much love!