Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Therapeutic Exercise Boot Camp

There were 4 days of bliss. I had a 4-day break after a grueling semester. And now I am back in school. For two weeks, I am participating in an intense block of 2 classes, which is something similar to a boot camp for 1) devising exercise programs for patients and 2) teaching patients of all ages.

It is intense, but it is fun. 60-100 pages of reading per night, with 1-2 chapters and multiple articles assigned for each class. And 8-9 hours of class per day. We also get a LOT of hands on practice. I am beginning to feel much more comfortable with my decisions. I feel more confident that I am influencing effectual changes. It is good preparation for the endurance that will be needed this summer in my internship, when I am in a physical therapy clinic for 8-10 hours a day!

In other news, the weather is amazing and I am able to play BASKETBALL again! My knee is doing well and I am beginning to be able to run and do some side-to-side motions! YAY!

What is everyone doing for the summer? Anything fun?