Thursday, May 29, 2008

What is this world coming to?!

California same sex marriages possible in June

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Art of Photography

I spent ALL day on Saturday helping breakdown an amazing photography exhibit that is produced by a couple of very good family friends. It was held at the Lyceum Theater in downtown San Diego, in the historic Gaslamp District and part of the Horton Plaza mall. We spend hours repackaging very very expensive artwork from artists all around the world (46 different countries) and moving the packed boxes into a huge truck. They will all eventually be shipped out to owners and buyers. This collection included pieces from a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and other world-renown artists.

This last Thursday, my mom and I were able to go down to the show and tour the exhibit with a few of the photographers and distinguished guests. An overview of the exhibit can be seen at the show's website. Check it out!

Main Website:

Pieces in the show:

More pictures of the theater, reception, and show:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Massachusetts General Hospital

The school that I am going to is ranked in the top 5 for physical therapy programs in the United States! It is the educational branch of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. Here is some more astounding information I found online about the hospital, in particular. It is simply incredible. Immediately below is a picture of the hospital's campus.


Founded in 1811, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is recognized as a world leader in academic medicine and has made pivotal contributions to the advancement of medicine throughout history.

In 1846, MGH was the first to use ether as an anesthetic, demonstrating to the world the performance of surgery without pain. In 1896, MGH produced the first X-ray image just 30 days after the technique was discovered in Europe. Then in 1925, MGH founded the nation's first tumor clinic, advancing a "specialist" approach to the study of disease.

Ranked 3rd for overall excellence by U.S. News & World Report in its "Honor Roll of America's Best Hospitals" for demonstrating high levels of competence in 12 major medical specialties. The MGH ranks among the "Top 5 Hospitals in America" for excellence in treating Digestive, Ear Nose and Throat, Cardiac, Geriatric, Gynecological, Kidney and Orthopedic Diseases, as well as Respiratory, Neurological and Hormonal Disorders. MGH was ranked among the "Top 10 Best Hospitals in America" for excellence in Rheumatological and Urological Diseases. (See U.S. News & World Report, July 18, 2005)


• 1945: Developed the Pap smear, a definitive tool in the diagnosis of cervical cancer
• 1960: Used proton beam radiation to treat eye, neck, and brain tumors
• 1962: Performed the world's first reattachment of a severed, human limb
• 1964: Pioneered technology to support the long-term storage of blood
• 1969: Developed the intra-aortic balloon catheter, the world's first temporary, aortic-assist device
• 1970s: Developed Positron Emission Tomography scanning (PET) and Magnetic
• Resonance Imaging (MRI), providing for the noninvasive imaging of internal organs
• 1981: Developed artificial skin made from living cells, with MIT and Shriners Burn Institute
• 1993: Discovered genes responsible for Huntington's disease
• 1995: Performed first cartilage transplant operation in the United States
• 1998: Applied molecular genetic analysis to classify and treat brain tumors
• 1999: Demonstrated efficacy of a new, less toxic regimen for bone marrow transplantation
• 1999: First to induce spinal cord growth across injured site without use of implanted cells

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Short Relationships of Life

I was thinking today about how relatively short most of our relationships with people are. We meet them, talk with them in our limited language, we share embraces, we learn and teach with them, we develop a love for them, and then the subtle decisions in our lives drive us apart from most as time goes by. The only institution designed for this not to change exponentially with each decision is the family.

A few years is really not a long time, but I wish it were an eternity. I have so many friends that I will miss so much from my last few years at BYU! I met some friends that live close to my home in San Diego recently, but I am constantly reminded that these relationships will change and likely fall into lesser strength when I move to Boston. Even the small interactions that you have with people throughout life, such as the smile or exchange of a hello you give to someone when you are running or shopping at the grocery store, are usually over within minutes! Each person then moves on in their own directions. The Lord has blessed me with the ability to make friends, but I am one of the worst at keeping them because I am always so busy!

Hopefully blogging will help a little with keeping friendships, however fragile they become. But I am sure it will be other more important forms of communication that will be most instrumental. I saw the latest Chronicles of Narnia movie last night, and as cheesy as I hate it when people use movie quotes to speak about significant life experiences, I am going to do that very thing now! In the movie, there is a little cliche given a couple of times, "things never happen the same way twice."

My mom and I watched the UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea, two English Premiere League teams that managed to make it to the culminating game! This is the first year that it has ever been an all-English final! The game was so exciting! After a tie, the game went to penalty kicks, and then Chelsea had a chance to win it all on a PK, with the most consistent player in place to take the kick, John Terry, but he slipped on the wet grass and missed his!! It was so crazy! Manchester United came back and their goalie made an amazing stop to win them the championship! What a quick change of momentum! All of the haters out there who dislike soccer/football because they think it is not exciting enough, needs to watch Sportscenter tonight!! You will not be disappointed in the excitement department.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Sunday was fantastic. My mom and I had a pleasant morning and I enjoyed going to church in the afternoon. After church, I spend a great evening with both my parents and I realized how much I am going to miss them. Boston is pretty dang far away from San Diego! I love my family so very much!

Lately, I have been organizing my life; this has included throwing many things away, replacing old and non-functioning items, buying new essential items, and attempting to record memories more efficiently. It has been really therapeutic to spend time analyzing where I am at in my life, setting goals, purging poor habits and beginning new ones. In my efforts to organize my photos and to write in my journal and blog more regularly, I have gone back and reminisced about many of my favorite past-times and monumental events in my life. Life goes by way too fast.

Today I worked on the roses all day. I worked in my swimsuit to try and obtain a suitable tan. People will not believe I spent my summer in San Diego without any tan to show for it! I think I am going to be burned tomorrow, but it is a great feeling! I love the warm weather here!

I will plan to finish up the roses tomorrow, and then I will start on cleaning the carpets! That will take a long time, but my mom is paying me for it, so I am excited!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Wow. Home is great. I have been having such a blast! Despite the muggy weather, San Diego is beautiful and school-less life is fantastic! After taking a few days to relax and recoup, I am looking forward to making like a little bit more busy and finding some fun things to do before I leave for Boston June 1!

I arrived in Poway after a long road trip with my mom to find a large package of books sitting on the front step, a welcoming gift and not-so-subtle reminder that my period of freedom from pupil life is shorter than I thought. My to-do list is huge before I start up grad school. Somewhere between the financial aid applications and the immunization shots, I have been experiencing many wonderfully excruciating feelings of nervousness and excitement for what is ahead.

I am just petrified that my peers are going to be far more qualified than me and that I will struggle and underperform. How does one shove these thoughts out of their mind and turn nervous energy positive? Any suggestions? I guess any uncharted waters are scary at first.

Hope everyone's May is just peachy!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pictures from Graduation

Now that I am home in San Diego, I have a few days to catch my breath, post some pictures and updates, and prepare myself to head to Boston. The last couple of weeks have been so much fun! I just got back from Yellowstone, and I had such a fun time vacationing with Guinevere, Clark, and Ben! We had some great adventures!

Guinevere sent me a couple of pictures that she took from my graduation. Here are a few of my favorites! Pictures from Yellowstone will follow shortly!