Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Knee is great, class again

I am back in Boston and back in the normal routine. I was welcomed by COLD weather and ice everywhere, which makes walking not too fun. I have realized the truth behind the popular line that "Boston is a walking city." Things are very walkable which makes tourists happy, but when you live here and don't have a car, the public transportation requires much walking, whether you like it or not. I actually enjoy the walking after a long day of sitting in class, but I also am sometimes extremely scared of the combination of the ice and the instability of my knee.

My knee is doing well! I have to keep reminding myself that I got surgery 3 weeks ago and that even though I have my range of motion back, I still don't have the muscle strength or the ligament stability to do everything that I want to. I attempted to do some skills practicing that required a minimal amount of pivoting in a lab class on Monday, and I definitely felt it afterwards. My knee is very good at telling me when I have done too much.

I am excited to be able to get back into a routine! The cold weather does have one positive - it motivates one to get going from one place to another and not be idle/slow in transportation. It also limits the amount of social activities going on and makes one want to curl up on a blanket in front of a fireplace. There is a fireplace at a Marriott lobby close to my school, so hopefully I can turn the desire to curl up by/in warmth into some quality studying time.

The snow is also absolutely beautiful, in some places. The contrast between the snow and the gray water that I see out the window of my school every day is breath-taking. Boston is beautiful. I love the east coast!

This weekend I am going to Chicago, where it is supposed to be in the single digits and 10s. Guess I can't complain much about Boston (yet)...