Sunday, November 8, 2009

Middle of the Semester

It's the middle of the semester. I just finished midterms and am getting started with term papers. I am right in the thick of wedding planning. I am busy!

Here are some great things that Daniel and I have been able to do lately:

1. Fiddler on the Roof! Topol's farewell tour. Dan surprised me with tickets on Friday night! It was so much fun. Yummy, yummy Thai food to begin the awesome date.

2. Gather addresses. Please let us know your addresses, everyone! The time is winding down, we have got to get these things out soon.

3. Enjoy people's reactions when they learn we are to be married December 22. Many of our church friends thought we were crazy for dating for 13 months before getting engaged, whereas my classmates are shocked at what they believe to be a short courtship and an insanely short engagement. It surely is a lot to get done in 3 months, but there is nothing I am more excited to do than marry Daniel. The sooner the better!

4. Dinner at Clark and Guinevere's. It is such a wonderful treat to have family close by.

5. Order plane tickets for Thanksgiving. We are going home to each person's respective homes (separately, sadly) for Thanksgiving. I will miss Daniel terribly...

6. Catch up on some movies we have been wanting to watch lately.

7. Went to a great LDS Education Conference in Boston.

8. Seen lots of friends who were in town for various reasons. Great to see you, if you fit in this category and happen to be reading this.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Here is a link to our facebook group with information about our wedding events, an invitation to leave your address, and some pictures. I hope the link works. Please leave your addresses there, email them to me, or call me.

Thanks everyone!



Tammy said...

I hear ya - the sooner the better! And not for the awkward reasons that everyone things of, but why wait to live with your best friend and get to hang out with them ALL the time! And come home to them and just have a party all the time :) haha, I feel the same way. People do think we're crazy too, but who care's about them :) Deep down (maybe so deep they dont even know it) they're just jealous ;)

Erica said...

I won't make you send me an invite since I know I won't be able to come and I remember too well what fun it is to get those bad boys sent out! BUT, just keep me updated about wedding stuff on your blog and I will be happy. :) Congratulations again!

brenna said...

What a busy but fun time! I had this crazy dream with you in it the other night. It made me miss all of our adventures...