Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who can decifer real from surreal?

This is a fun time, full of busy days and lots of getting back in touch with friends and family as Daniel and I gather addresses. There are lots of tests, papers, and school assignments to do, but I am past the half way point with school. That is a great feeling. I am on a downhill slope towards working full-time in a clinic!

We are having an engagement party on Friday, so there will be fun pictures from that soon!


Tammy said...

Wish I was there and could enjoy your party! But then again, it would be snowy ... for you? Worth it ;)

Love ya!

PS We'll be going to Boston next fall for a wedding of one of Dave's high school buddies, we'll have to meet up :) Pencil it in for 2010! :)

Claire said...

Sweet! We will both be married, hope you will be able to stay with us... Whoa that is a long ways away.

mail-in rebate said...

Well if your engagement party was half as fun as the bridal shower (and the pictures are a quarter as cute) then the wedding is gonna be a DOOZY!

ps i think the jelly belly game was rigged. there were definitely 164 beans in that glass. i should know. i cheated off tammy...

pps engagement party pictures???

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